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Security and Privacy


The code pushed by users to their devices will be processed by the builder contained in balenaMachine, and Balena's support agents won't have access through the local dashboard, unless support access is granted.

Access from balenaCloud to balenaMachine is required only to perform maintenance and upgrades, so the user will have to provide the means to guarantee this connectivity on sporadic occasions. Please note the requirements below regarding the upgrade policy.

Private information processing

When accessing balenaCloud's dashboard to provide support, balena team members won't access any private data contained in balenaMachine.

When accessing balenaMachine's dashboard, balena team members will be able to see login names and associated emails.

In order to restrict access to this information, we recommend users to isolate balenaMachine’s dashboard making it inaccessible from the public Internet. All support will be provided to users via the messaging tool included in their balenaCloud account, without hands-on access to the machine, its dashboard or data. Only if there is a problem requiring Balena's remote access, then users should enable temporary remote access.

Please note that during the installation and configuration phase of balenaMachine, it is not required that Balena access any private information.